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Episode 1: Introducing… Emily Murphy with Grow What You Love!

Episode 1: Introducing… Emily Murphy with Grow What You Love!

Photo by West Cliff Creative/Art by Debbie Berne

Here’s a look behind the scenes. Author and organic gardener, Emily Murphy, shares the genesis of Grow What You Love in this first-ever podcast episode.

We hear stories and inspirations not found in Emily’s book, Grow What You Love, or on her blog, Pass The Pistil.

Grow What You Love Book

Emily is the author of Grow What You Love, 12 Food Plant Families to Change Your Life, featuring 12 sets of seasonal ingredients, garden-to-table recipes, and easy to follow methods for growing your garden, no matter the size.

Learn more about the Grow What You Love book here.

Emily chatting with Justine Kahn/Photo by Conner Murphy

Grow What You Love Podcast

The podcast is born from a number of factors. In part, from Emily’s early years living between the home of her parents in a small college town and her grandmother’s homestead in the Sonoma foothills. In both, nature was inherent and, in both, a love of nature, family, and growing things was nurtured.

It was in college that Emily began to find a voice for her upbringing. She studied Ethnobotanical Resources, a degree that included ecology, soil science, taxonomy, ethnobotany, religious studies, and psychology. You could say that here in the podcast, is an exploration of modern ethnobotany.

In the mix of capturing my conversation with William Ryan Fritch at his Sonoma County Studio/Photo by Conner Murphy

It’s also a continuation of Emily’s work and a way to give voice to the ideas behind the greater message of Grow What You Love.

To help make sense of it, this first episode includes an abbreviated version of Emily’s life timeline. And, while it might not seem like all of these blips on the screen of Emily Murphy’s life fit together — they do.

They involve a 1st-grade teacher, her grandmother’s garden, skipping instead of walking, a college professor, and a snake!

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About the Author: Emily Murphy

I’ve learned there’s something wonderfully powerful in the simple act of growing. Here, in our gardens, we can repair ourselves and our plots of earth with our own two hands. GROW WHAT YOU LOVE and GROW NOW!