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Grow what you love

Would you like to grow a garden but aren’t sure where to begin?


In gardening, as in life, I say, Grow What You Love. Find the things that make you happy and grow them. Lots of them!

As an author, designer, educator, and host, I’ve discovered that when you grow what you love wonderful things happen. This is where the magic starts and once you begin planting, picking, and eating from the garden, you’ll discover something deeper - because there’s a shift that happens when you have a hand in growing some of your own food and when working with plants that support you as much as this big, beautiful planet we call home.

Our gardens and the things we grow are more important than ever before.

Change Your Life (and your cooking) with the The Simple Act of Growing

Wondering what to grow and where to begin? Or are you looking for ways to bring nature closer to home while having a hand in growing some your own food?

Growing what you love is about growing more than a garden. It’s about cultivating joy and growing all parts of your life: yourself, your health, and the well being of your family. It’s a lifestyle. And, what’s wonderful is, with thoughtful planning and planting you can restore and support the environment in the process.

Your garden has the potential to be an ecological haven, sequestering carbon and supporting biodiversity. How do you get there? Contact me or choose from the options below.

Grow the Change You Want to See

Growing a garden is one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals to enact positive change and make a difference.

In fact, if you’re looking for practical solutions to the climate crisis and the resulting loss of biodiversity, the answer is right out your door and in the earth beneath your feet. It’s possible to sequester enough carbon to offset your carbon footprint while supporting wildlife.

Learn how. Choose from the options below or contact me.

Even gardeners in small spaces will feel empowered with Murphy in their Instagram feed. Also, check out her blog and book, Grow What You Love.

Better Homes and Gardens

We cannot thank Emily enough for taking on the project of revitalizing and refreshing Lytton Manor Vineyard's gardens. Her generosity in sharing her love of gardening and incorporating the joy of the natural world in all of its phases is extraordinary.

Jennifer Tincknell

Lytton Manor Vineyards

Murphy’s gentle guidance empowers us with graceful skills for growing a garden that feeds the spirit.

Carey Davidson

Tournesol Founder & CEO

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