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“With a warm voice and comforting expertise, Emily Murphy encourages readers to start small, follow nature, and dig in. Cultivate, explore and share the bounty. Grow What You Love is a tantalizingly simple invitation to tend a garden-based life filled with flavor, health, and happiness.”

—Lorene Edwards Forkner, editor, Pacific Horticulture

Grow What You Love is no ordinary book about gardening. It’s an adventure into a life worth living, filled with food, flowers, and fun — and it starts with growing what you love, of course!

Emily Murphy outlines a simple method for growing a dozen seasonal ingredients that will change the way you cook and live. The book starts with an exploration of how best to choose the plants and recipes you love and follows simple methods for garden-to-table growing and seasonal approaches to cooking. 

How is it that store-bought jam never tastes as good as homemade? Why is cutting into a tomato, still warm from the sun, a cause for celebration? Growing some of your own ingredients shifts the way you think about cooking because now the story of the things you eat — at least some of it — is your story too.

“Finding joy in the simple things.”

The method in Grow What You Love begins by gardening with purpose and brings with it unexpected benefits. Fill window boxes with basil in place of flowers and watch them grow from seed. Plant ‘Sun Gold’ and ‘Black Krim’ tomatoes outside your kitchen door. Tend them a little each day, water them when the soil is dry and be there to fend off pests. Some will thrive while others may not, but this too is part of the process. Soon the moments allotted to check on your garden become the time of day you look forward to most, it’s not something you have to do but becomes something you enjoy doing. Discover that the benefits of growing even the smallest of gardens range from the simple to the sublime and, as your garden changes, so do you. 

What Thought Leaders Are Saying About GROW WHAT YOU LOVE

“Wow. Emily Murphy has managed to weave soil, beauty, recipes, grit, and love into a gorgeous and accessible book that both inspires and instructs. Whether you’ve grown gardens for your whole life or never before, this book will invite you down a new garden path, one that leads you to creating the just-right garden – and life – that you love, where you live.” — Kate Williams, CEO, 1% for the Planet

“Murphy’s gentle guidance empowers us with graceful skills for growing our garden and feeds the spirit with every delicious word.  Each heart-centered technique is a gift not only for nurturing plants out of the earth, but also for nurturing sustainable growth in mind and body.” — Carey Davidson, founder & CEO, Tournesol Wellness

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