The Grow What You Love podcast shares unexpected stories of people and plants. Because…

We are the sum of our parts: the food we eat, the stories we share, and the places in which we live and grow. Grow What You Love captures the zeitgeist of this wonderfully, provocative mix from garden-to-table-to-you.

Listen In As We Meet Guests On Their Home Turf — Outside In The Garden, In Studios & Kitchens

Author, organic grower, and cook, Emily Murphy, leads us on a journey through the unexpected gardens of artists and culinary experts such as Kristin Morrison and William Ryan Fritch. We meet food and garden influencers and discover people living on the fringe, creating roof-top gardens, and finding ways to grow their most prized ingredients wherever they live. Here we find inspiration and story while unearthing prized, homegrown ingredients and a shared passion for the simple act of growing, making, and seasonal cooking.

But don’t be fooled! This is not just a show about growing vegetables and flowers. It’s about growth with a capital G, the kind of growth that translates into all parts of life: family, wellbeing, adventuring outdoors, creating positive change, and finding joy in everyday living. These ideas are at the core of Grow What You Love and ideas we all crave in these complicated times.

It’s equally important to remember that we are inspired by the stories of others. So let’s hear them!

If you’re feeling as if you need to get outside, get some sun on your face, and hear what’s cooking from the garden, you won’t want to miss an episode.

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