Garden Mentoring and Design

Food & Ecological Garden Design.
Grow a garden that’s right for you.

Working with Emily

Emily can guide you through the garden making process from beginning to end, providing the tools needed to regenerate your yard and community.

Create your own eco-plot, eat garden-fresh all the time, create a living greenway or wildlife corridor, plant for pollinators, cultivate soil, grow a healing garden, foster biodiversity, make a difference ecologically with thoughtful planning and planting.

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With a warm voice and comforting expertise, Emily encourages you to start small, follow nature, and dig in.

Lorene Edwards Forkner
Editor, Pacific Horticulture

Grow your own food, become a companion planting guru, plant a flower garden, support wildlife, grow a living greenway, offset your carbon footprint.

“Murphy’s gentle guidance empowers us with graceful skills for growing our garden and feeds the spirit with every delicious word. Each heart-centered technique is a gift not only for nurturing plants out of the earth, but also for nurturing sustainable growth in mind and body.”

Carey Davidson
Founder & CEO, Tournesol Wellness