What’s Your Mantra?

By Published On: August 15, 2018
What’s Your Mantra?

Photo by West Cliff Creative

Mantras come and go while others stick. What’s your mantra?

When I began writing Pass The Pistil I was filled with ideas — ideas spurned on by a deep seated desire that didn’t yet have a voice. The only clear vision was that I simply had to start. My road map looked a little like this:

  • Get back to my roots.
  • You (me – emily) love plants and nature, so spend more time with plants and nature!
  • A happy, healthy life and family begins with me.
  • Make time to grow.
  • Get my hands dirty and learn by doing.
  • Plant seeds, tend to seedlings, eat from the garden, and commune with flowers like old friends.
  • Share the things I love with family and friends.
  • Grow my family.
  • Create habitat for me, my family, and wild things.
  • Hone my writing skills by writing.
  • Take lots of pictures — remember, you’ve always loved photography, so take pictures!
  • Find the beauty in everyday living.
  • And remember Gram’s answer to everything — LOVE.

So, I set down the path of taking a more conscious approach to my family, garden, writing, and picture taking — holding on to the grow, love, share trifecta all the while.

Photo by Emily Murphy. When I grow what I love, I grow all parts of my life. Wellness, family, touch points with nature — the garden is just the beginning.

It wasn’t until 2 years later that I realized what I’d been trying to say finally hit me. In fact, I’d already been saying it but for some reason it took 600 + odd days for these ruminations to digest and shift into consciousness.

Grow What You Love.

Even better, Grow What You Love and pass it on.

This was it! This was my mantra. The guiding force and daily reminder for how to get back to my roots, live a happy, healthy life, share these things with others, and so on — taking the twists and turns of any good road map.

It’s the intent that changes us as much as we change the world around us with a simple act.

Grow What You Love.

Photo by Emily Murphy. Beauty is everywhere, though seeing it — discovering it — often depends on perspective.

Photo by Emily Murphy. Look past these roses to the dahlias on the other side of the garden and they might be missed. Sometimes the best view is right under your nose.

It was more recently, when deep into the writing of the Grow What You Love book, that I added Finding Beauty to my list of mantras. Book making was a cathartic process and I’d come to realize that the act of growing what you (I) love and passing it on is invaluable and so too is finding beauty in everyday living. Because what else is there other than everyday living? This is where it’s at.

The garden taught me to see and discover beauty where it otherwise might have been missed. Just as photography taught me to see. Stretching my perspective, challenging me to look, listen, and feel in new ways in order to understand and keep up with life’s ever changing nature.

Photo by Emily Murphy. Vegetables are just as beautiful as flowers.

What’s Your Mantra?

If you’re looking for simple, deliberate ways to lead a rich, full life what you’re looking for is already inside of you. Give it a voice.



  1. a word or sound chanted, repeated as an incantation, or prayer. Aids with concentration and meditation.
  2. an often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism.

In the traditional sense, a mantra is a spiritual practice deeply rooted in numerous Eastern religions. For instance, spiritual guides such as yogi’s can help students discover and employ practices such as mantras.

What I’ve Learned or 7 Tips to Discover Your Manta

  1. Life is a personal journey. While there are tried and true mantras like OM, ask yourself what it is you need or the story you’d like to write for yourself. What’s the theme of your story?
  2. Brainstorm. Make a short list and do your best to omit self-editing. If it’s important to you but sounds goofy, write it down anyway. You never know where treasure will lie.
  3. The best mantra for you could be I am enough. I surround myself with loving people. Or I am strong. What message most resonates with you? Maybe Grow What You Love?
  4. If it’s for your highest and best good, it will shine through.
  5. Be flexible. Your voice will change as you change and grow. Mantras come and go, but eventually one (or a handful) will resonate and stick. Find a meditation process true to you to help sift through your thoughts and reach the core idea at the heart of your life.
  6. Utilize a practice and incorporate your mantra into everyday living. A practice is considered a spiritual process or tradition such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and calligraphy. It could be as simple as writing your mantra on a piece of paper and keeping it in your pocket. Whenever you’re reminded that it’s there, say your mantra 3 times. Embody your mantra, let it become part of your genetic makeup, infusing your thoughts and giving direction for positive, everyday living.
  7. Respect the process. Living is in the process. Living is process.

Photo by Emily Murphy. Sometimes the best method for self discovery and understanding is to sit and listen. Maybe you’ll hear something before you see it.

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About the Author: Emily Murphy

I’ve learned there’s something wonderfully powerful in the simple act of growing. Here, in our gardens, we can repair ourselves and our plots of earth with our own two hands. GROW WHAT YOU LOVE and GROW NOW!