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Winter Beacon

By Published On: January 10, 2013
Winter Beacon

It’s fitting that pomegranates are ripe and ready at the holiday season. Like the warm glow of a candle on a short day, or long night, they are the beacon of the fall/winter fruit food group. Combine their “super food” qualities with their vibrant color and natural mystic and you have a well rounded specimen.  Perfect for the body and mind.

I remember the first time I saw a pomegranate tree.  I did a double take and stopped in my tracks.  Here was the tree bearing the fruit of my childhood passion.  They were so fabulously otherworldly to my 7 year old self that I somehow couldn’t believe my eyes.

As a child I would beg for them each trip to the grocery in winter. I was lucky to have a mom that encouraged my hankerings and wasn’t worried about the mess. No hazmat suit required when peeling back the layers of red rubies, only play clothes and a sheltered, outdoor step.  I clearly remember the intense zeal with which each pomegranate was disassembled, mining for the flavor and crunch I hadn’t had since the winter before.

If you live in USDA hardiness zones 7-10 you can try growing pomegranates.  Interior locations with hot summers maximize fruiting.  Great for a dry garden.


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