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DIY Free Printable Seed Packets

Seeds are so many things. In An Invisible Orchard, A Natural History of Seeds, Jonathan Silverton book explains: “The story of seeds, in a nutshell, is a tale of evolution. From the tiny sesame...

Gifts for Gardeners

Whether homemade, reclaimed or store bought gift giving is personal and is, at its core, a wish for someone’s happiness — no matter the season. And, while it’s supposed to be fun, it can...

How to Make Wild Plum Sorbet

  Who needs store bought when you can pick them for free? It's a marvel really. These wild plums can be found peppering hillsides, gardens and parks in the San Francisco Bay Area. They're abundant and...

Spring Onion Soup With Parmesan Crostini

  It may sound like I'm stretching things a bit but, just like fine wine, onions are a reflection of region and soil type. You could say each of the varieties such as, 'Vidalia', 'Burgandy',...
In gardening, as in life, I say, GROW WHAT YOU LOVE. Find the things that make you happy and grow them. Lots of them!

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