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Looking for an in-depth garden planner that includes seasonal suggestions and charts to help grow your most rewarding garden yet?

The Essential Organic Garden Planner: Season-by-Season is filled with easy-to-understand tips. It helps solve the riddle of when to sow seeds and transplant seedlings into the garden based upon your unique hardiness zone and growing conditions. It also includes helpful tips for arranging plants in your garden, companion and succession planting, and ideas for setting actionable goals to cultivate your garden -- and your life -- from season to season.
Use The Essential Organic Garden Planner in conjunction with the book GROW NOW: How to Save Our Health, Communities, and Planet — One Garden at a Time, by Emily Murphy. Find GROW NOW wherever books are sold.
This guide is designed to serve as a tool to plan and organize your growing calendar and, ultimately, become more attuned to your garden. Once downloaded, add the printed pages to a binder where they can expand over the years. Make extra copies of the garden bed grid, spring and fall planting guides, and journal pages as needed. Look to GROW NOW for advice on caring for soil, composting, sequestering carbon, planting, harvesting, and fostering biodiversity. For further advice on growing and cooking homegrown ingredients look to the book GROW WHAT YOU LOVE, also by Emily Murphy.

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