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10 Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Gardening

10 Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Gardening

Grow What You Love


Think of yourself as a plant killer? As if anything you attempt to grow dies? If it helps you’re not alone. There are cities and towns full of people just like yourself, waiting for inspiration to grow.

In fact, fear itself can be the perfect reason to try something. It means whatever it is, things such as gardening, taking improv classes or traveling to unknown destinations, could be exactly what you need. An experience taking you outside your comfort zone and into new territory. This is where personal growth takes root and new chapters are written — what I like to think of as the good stuff.

When Better Homes & Gardens contacted me to write an article titled, 10 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Gardening, I was immediately on board. To read the article and find fresh motivation to Grow What You Love click here: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/how-to-garden/conquer-your-fear-of-gardening/


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