The Stuff in Between

The Stuff in Between

Is the substance that is life simply the blur between the lines?  In fact, what happened to the lines and whatever was supposed to be delineated by them?  I wonder this when I find myself in a setting like the one above (or when I look in the mirror, manage time…).

A recent visit to the UC Santa Cruz Life Lab classroom for school garden educators landed me at this adjacent organic farm.  But it didn’t really look like a farm.  It’s gorgeous.  Are farms gorgeous?

I consider myself a goal oriented person.  Which may not be one of my finer qualities.  In fact, I receive regular, gleeful teasing from my family for comments I tend to make such as, “What’s the goal here?!”  (Typically delivered in my most commanding voice laced with the smallest amount of frustration.)  I cannot simply wander or spend a day without a plan.   For instance, when out hiking I need to know the route to be taken, distance to be traversed and speed at which we will travel.  Just like with a garden it’s helpful to understand its purpose along with the style and mood to be experienced.

Another of my favorites is, “The crust is the best part!”  Especially when my girls are trying to dive straight to the middle of a fresh loaf.  I even dare chide my mother-in-law with this line when I catch her cutting off said crust before feeding her grandchildren.

Maybe, like with a fine loaf of bread or the farm above, it’s actually the lines that are blurred.  The crust as divine as the rest.  Especially when they go perfectly together.


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