The Gift of Trees

The Gift of Trees

Give a Tree


It’s no mystery that, as people, we’re compelled by trees or that, as children, we’re obliged to climb them. You could say it’s part of our DNA. A quick look through history and across the globe and you’ll find trees have long since found their way into human art, stories and belief systems.

In more recent times studies have found that cities with more trees have less crime. We’ve coined words such as “biophilic design” to describe architecture and city planning that bring each of us and our communities closer to nature — of which trees are an integral part.  We’re happier and healthier when in nature. According to the Huffington Post nature is the secret prescription to an improved quality of living.

In my house, when December rolls around and the holidays arrive, we bring a tree inside. Like many of you, we decorate it, dote on it and basically worship it. It marks the seasons — a moment in time that connects the dots from me to you to that big bright world out there.

It’s also no secret that trees are habitat to wildlife, create ecosystems, act as carbon sinks on our ever warming planet and are always busy cleaning the air. Our gardens, local landscapes and parks are touch points for our individual health as well as the health of the environment.

Which is partly why I find the #GIFtATree campaign sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation and NBCUniversal so cool. For every GIF made a tree will be planted (up to 25,000) in a state or national park. It’s easy and fun. Learn more about it here: Green is Universal.

What tree would you plant if given a choice and where would it grow? Giving a tree is another perfect holiday gift idea, particularly for the garden and nature lovers in your life — a gift for you and a gift for me.

Grow what you love.


Gift a Tree


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