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Handy Helen — Garden Maker

  Helen is a garden maker on the move. Her own garden just the beginning. Her self proclaimed motto is "I tinker therefore I am". It might not sound like much at first but a little time spent...

How to Care for Spring Bulbs Once They’ve Bloomed

  I'm one of those crazy people that loves winter. Not necessarily winters that start in September and end in June (like so many we've had living in the Sierra Nevada) but rainy days, snowy...

Upcycle — Gardening on a Budget

What is it about coming across something perfectly wonderful when you're least expecting it -- at the thrift store, a garage sale or sitting on the curb next to a sign reading, "free stuff"?...

The Reliably Unexpected Moments of Gardening

  Gardening is part planning, part serendipitous and 100% rewarding - in a pick yourself up by your boot straps sort of way. I love the reliably unexpected moments of discovery. Volunteers and new comers...

Garden Planning and the Five F’s

The art of crafting a garden is one of the most fulfilling and sometimes hair pulling endeavors to embark upon. Clean lines, starting small and including plants you love is a good place to...

Scarlet Runner Beans

There's something incredibly fascinating about opening up a dazzling green bean pod to find shades of hot pink, lavender and red mottled seeds inside.  Crazy really.  In fact, to see children open these beans,...

Shooting From the Hip

"Shit or get off the pot."  This is a phrase my mother commanded on a regular basis while I was growing up and continues to utter to this day.  She has never needed to...
In gardening, as in life, I say, GROW WHAT YOU LOVE. Find the things that make you happy and grow them. Lots of them!

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