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Entering Swanton Berry Farm Store

It doesn’t look like much from the outside but when you walk into the Swanton Berry Farm store it’s a wonderful shock to the system. It’s like a perfectly dreamy flashback full of berries, treats and wish-you-had-it memorabilia. All senses are on from the get-go. The welcome sign invoking the honor system, the pie waiting for you in the case and the jam tasters will get your engines going and make you wonder why the rest of life, shopping, etc. isn’t like this.

Self Serve Moto

We made a bee line for the jam tasting served up on animal cookies (logan berry and olallieberry were our winners) and then wandered around the store before self-paying for our strawbs, et al. (strawberry short cake, chocolate covered strawberries, jam and pie).

Goodies at Swanton Berry Farm Store

More Goodies

It all looks amazing...

Fun, groovy humor.  Love it.

We walked away with more than sweet, organic strawberries. This place is a slice of life. It’s the flavor at the heart of the farm. Quirky, fun and honest – confirming what all food should aspire to be. Honest.

Honor System

Mixing fun with food grown on the honor system is even better.

Read more about the Swanton Berry Farm.



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