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Did you know it’s possible to create a garden oasis that’s as low maintenance as it is beautiful? Or that your favorite summer blooms can be preserved for seasons on end with just paper and a stack of books? These are two of many clever ideas found inside this summer’s issue of Garden Design magazine.

Thankfully my copy arrived days before leaving on a family trip so I read it cover to cover when in route. Who Runs The World, a fabulous article all about bugs and written by Doug Tallamy is a favorite. But I also loved reading about the many varieties of daylilies and sunflowers, and The Secret Garden in Australia provided fresh inspiration for a garden design that I’m currently creating for a client (thank you!).

To enjoy the full issue, subscribe here. What’s wonderful is, Pass The Pistil readers get their first issue free.

Photo by Josh Endres

Treasure your plants long after they’re gone from the garden! Learn how to press flower blooms and foliage and get ideas for how to display them in the Summer 2018 issue of Garden Design magazine.

What Garden Design Magazine Readers Are Saying

Garden Design magazine readers are garden enthusiasts! They love the full-length stories (some run 10 to 20 pages to include lots of glorious photography) on plants, gardens, and design ideas for you to put to use—all presented without ads.

From a subscriber:

“I love the in-depth articles and the beautiful photography in Garden Design magazine. Every single page is beautifully presented and there are no ads.”—Dan Hinkley

If you don’t get Garden Design yet, the Summer 2018 issue is a great one to start off with. Friends of Pass the Pistil get their first issue free when they subscribe! Go online to or call (855) 624-5110 Monday – Friday, 8 – 5 PST and mention this offer.

About Garden Design Magazine:

Every issue is filled with stunning photography and in-depth stories about gardens and the people who make them. Since Garden Design is reader supported, we don’t have any advertisements. That means you get an uninterrupted, in-depth look at topics you care about most—designing with plants, landscape design, container gardens, kitchen gardens, houseplants, and more.

Your support of Garden Design magazine supports me as well. As a disclaimer, I’ve not been paid to write this article, but I do receive a commission for every subscription made using the link in this article, mentioning this article when calling in to Garden Design, or using this code:

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