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Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening

Growing GreensI’ve decided nearly any container that can hold soil and has the potential for drainage can be used for planting. With a bit of creative ingenuity there’s room for a garden. Containers like this willow basket and wooden crate are perfect not just for small space gardening but winter gardening. They have understated lines, an earthy feel and work with almost any style or lifestyle. Plus they’re light, even when filled with soil. Meaning they’re easy to move around if you’re chasing the sun or bringing them in and outdoors AND they look good.

GreensLike the mini pizza of perfect pizzas, crates are your personal-sized raised bed. All the goods are there it’s just a smaller version. They’re a quick, easy way to get a garden started and can be upcycled or made from materials such as redwood or recycled materials. You can find them or build them to meet your purpose, sizing them for a heat mat or particular space.

basket of greensI didn’t line the willow basket before planting but simply chucked in the soil and seedlings. The soil stays in well enough and is reasonably tidy. I love how the basket looks against the wood crate but also alongside other materials, including galvanized steel. And, funny enough, the starts have grown nearly twice as fast in the basket. I have to be a little more careful to keep the soil evenly moist but it’s worth it.

Have other neat ideas for planters? Please share!

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