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Random Acts of Flowers: Learnings From the SF Flower Show

Random Acts of Flowers: Learnings From the SF Flower Show


There are 3 things that jump out at me when reading the line-up for the coming San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.

  1. Make & Take Stations. Mini DIY workshops spread throughout the show will demonstrate everything from making your own sauerkraut to building native beehives. In the process, you get to make it and take it home. Love this.
  2. The Show Gardens — specifically a permaculture garden as well as — yes! — a butterfly forest. We all need this.
  3. Random Acts of Flowers. This is a build your own bouquet station. Once assembled, bouquets will be delivered to local hospitals and assisted living facilities the week of the show. I think I’ll have to go to the show just for this.

Of course there will be the usual suspects. Show gardens, speaker workshops, vendors with unique, hard to find goods, and plants. In fact, it’s hard to tell if it’s the succulents, dahlias, and other leafy things that draw a crowd or the workshops and gardens.

My general, overwhelming thesis is that this flower show and the many others found throughout the country do a fabulous job demonstrating what’s trending. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Are the shows promoting the trends they’d like to grow? Either way, I’m sold on random acts of flowers.

It reminds me, once again, that our gardens make a difference. With a little bit of thoughtfulness:

  • We can grow gardens to support pollinators as well as ourselves.
  • Working with nature is key to a thriving community.
  • Flowers are good for bees and butterflies and people.
  • We have so much to learn from each other, and so many wonderful, simple opportunities to share and grow.
  • Small, good things come in all sorts of packages, even a bouquet of flowers.

Now to make each of these learnings count every day. 😉



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