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Did you know there are varieties of banana plants hardy to zone 5 or that there’s a Hydrangea for nearly every season? Water wise plants don’t have to be “tan and tawny,” there’s as much color to be had from plants that thrive in summer dry climates as there are in water loving gardens.

Garden Design Magazine’s summer issue boldly demonstrates opportunities yet to be discovered. Between the pages are stories of not only Hydrangeas and planting designs, it’s a journey into recipes for summer bumper crops from the kitchen garden, local honey, and edible landscaping.

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Explore vibrant, water-wise plantings in Garden Design Magazine’s article, Toledo Province, Courtyard of Color. Flowering perennials like Erysimum, Jerusalem sage, Russian sage, and hot pink Jupiter’s beard are tucked in under olives and lining stone walls. Borders are designed for natural appeal, pulling at your heart strings and heightening the senses. 


Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo


The line I love most in this latest issue is: “One contact with Hydrangeas might be all it takes to launch an obsession.” This must be true. Not just of Hydrangeas, but for so many other flowers because I have this same problem. (It usually takes hold with whichever flower I’m nearest to at the moment.)


Photo by Jonathan Buckley


So now there’s no more excuses. Banana plants have been on my must-plant list for over a year now. Check out the Banana-Rama article to figure out which variety is right for you.

I particularly love the story Where Plants & Pots Meet — Elegantly. Maker, Frances Potter, crafts fistfuls of clay into functional, gorgeous vessels. Vases and other containers that invite flowers and greenery from the garden. When speaking of her work, Frances explains, “that when somebody gets a pot, my heart and soul have gone into it.” When asked what drives her, her “one-word answer: perseverance.”

Palmer’s own garden is a testament to dahlias and flowers like bearded irises, where she adds a few new varieties each year for cutting and summer long enjoyment. Get the latest issue of Garden Design Magazine for the full story.

It’s easy to see that, when enjoying an issue of Garden Design Magazine, it’s ad free, image rich, and inspired to help us all Grow What You Love.

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