Photo by Emily Murphy

Can you hear the quiet? Snowstorms like this one in the Sierra Valley remind me that quiet on this scale is deeply peaceful.

About The Images

It was wonderful to be outside in the snowstorm (I love weather!), but it was a little challenging to keep my camera dry. Owen (above) wasn’t pleased to have his picture taken. He’s so shy. Each time I tried to snap a photo, he’d tried to hide and I think the only reason I caught this one is because he was blinking away snow.

When Owen opened his eyes to find a camera so close to him, he turned toward the safety of home.

All of these photos were taken with a 35mm prime lens, it’s one of the most versatile and compact lenses for forays like this, doubling as a good portrait lens as well as a wide lens for landscapes.

Photo by Emily Murphy
Photo by Emily Murphy
Photo by Emily Murphy
Photo by Emily Murphy

The motion blur of the snowflakes in the images above are a result of slowing down the shutter speed. Lucky for me, I was able to slow it down just enough to capture the movement of the falling snow while maintaining exposure.

Once the dogs decided they were ready to go back inside they weren’t waiting for me to get things just right. Between the weather and they’re impatience, I have to say I’m incredibly pleased the photos turned out at all. 🙂

Photo by Emily Murphy

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