Nutwalk at Sissinghurst


It was this stand of Kentish cobnuts (a type of hazelnut) and an old, determined rose found buried under brambles in the orchard at Sissinghurst Castle Garden that first captured Harold Nicholson and Vita Sackville-West (read Sissinghurst Castle Garden to learn more about Harold and Vita).  Harold’s diary entry of the day he and Vita decided to buy Sissinghurst reads: “We come suddenly upon the nutwalk… and that settles it.”

This speaks volumes.  Not only of the possibilities and potential Harold and Vita were seeking, a promise of successful cultivation, but of the spirit of place.

Here it’s easy to feel alive, in the moment and reminded of genuine beauty.  Be reminded of yourself.  In fact, once the new planting plan for the nutwalk was in place and thriving, Harold spoke of its brief but brilliant spring flowering as being in “the company of the bright and good.” Swathes of white, gold and green coming together like that found on a woodland floor.  Bringing out the best in each of us.


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