In The Garden


A closer look at the school garden I manage reveals a few faithful winter classics. The same standards of my obsessive winter diet. Broccoli, kale, kale, flowers to adorn my salad, more kale and broccoli.  The few varieties missing here would be carrots, leafy greens of all kinds and, of course, more carrots. (However, I’m told that it always comes back to kale for me.)

The school garden carrot crop was seeded a couple weeks too late and, with a cold snap shortly following seeding coupled with the obvious dangers of student planting, has led to a whole lot of nothing. We might try for another round, maximizing the typical mid season warming trend.  (Carrots are a rewarding winter crop but require warm soil temperatures for germination.)  

Much of the garden is bare and waiting to be planted with early spring crops, planting investigations and greens for the kindergarten “salad days”. I’m quickly learning that nearly anything is possible here, even with foggy summer days. A huge change from my high sierra garden where I spend the rest of my crazy, but fabulous, dual life.


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