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How To Make a Trash Can Planter

How To Make a Trash Can Planter

If you can convert a trash can into a planter, you can convert nearly anything into a garden. Any size or style, sky’s the limit. Thinking outside the box might be your ticket to a verdant lifestyle filled with the things you love, like Trash Can Tomatoes. Why not?

It’s time to rethink gardens and gardening. Grow your favorite flowers and food. If you have sunlight, you have room. We don’t need sweeping landscapes or expensive planters to make it happen.

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  1. You should slow down the pace of your video. First, you are very photogenic so it is a pleasure to watch you. Take advantage of that. Your voice is light and has just that childlike freshness to it to open up the listener’s imagination. Finally, these projects should be approached more in a meditative than accomplishment oriented mental state. After all, they are occurring in the surplus time we have in our lives and should be as much about connecting with ourselves as getting anything particular done. Keep up your work. Your seem to be a natural for it.


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