Handy Helen


Helen is a garden maker on the move. Her own garden just the beginning.

Her self proclaimed motto is “I tinker therefore I am”. It might not sound like much at first but a little time spent with her and you’ll quickly understand it’s so much more. It says willing, problem solver, doer, creativity-at-work.

When Helen moved into her now home her first priority was to put in a big garden. The trouble was the prime location was occupied by “14 nasty evergreen shrubs” that seemed to need a backhoe to move. But there had to be a simple solution. So she took her mom’s advice, remembering that wet soil tends to be loose soil, and she turned the hose on them. In the meantime she borrowed a neighbors truck, attached a rope one to other and yanked them out one by one. She now has a thriving 24 x 30 foot plot packed with fruits and veggies perfect for picking.

But she didn’t stop there. Helen is helping others create gardens — friends, family and local schools. Her most recent projects are a spacious, pre-school learning garden and a solar powered greenhouse that would help supply fresh, organic vegetables and fish to her community.

Learn more about Helen here.


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