Grow What You Love with BigTruck


When I went searching for an apparel company to match my own work and message, I immediately looked to bigtruck. They’re a self-described “fun first” brand with a passion for the outdoors. Community, a rebellious spirit and a deep love of all things wild are central tenants to their trade. Equally as important is a belief in making a fabulous product that “fits great, feels good and looks even better”.

Eventually all great ideas go viral. What started in 2010 as a two man team in a small mountain town, quickly became a global community. Some might say that it’s just a hat, but really, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find it’s a product that’s truly an experience.


Grow What You Love with BigTruck


These experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re in the garden, on the trail or simply taking a moment outside with a cup of tea, these are all moments that count. You might also find it doesn’t take much to make a difference in your life and the lives of others but it does take some doing. What I love is that inspiration begets inspiration just as doing begets doing — they’re inextricably linked.

I’d like to think that this Grow What You Love + bigtruck pairing is the beginning of a new adventure and a perfect excuse to plant happiness and get outside no matter the weather.

If you’re inspired to love what you do and grow what they love, and wear it at the same time check out the Pass The Pistil/Grow What You Love hats and find more fabulous styles on the bigtruck site.


Grow What You Love with bigtruck

Grow What You Love with BigTruck

Grow What You Love with BigTruck

Grow What You Love with BigTruck

Grow What You Love with BigTruck

Grow What You Love with BigTruck

Photos courtesy of bigtruck

gwyl-hats-trilogyGrow What You Love with BigTruck


To purchase a Grow What You Love bigtruck hat see the shop page or click here: SHOP

To learn more about bigtruck and see more fab images check out their site.

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You will LOVE your new Grow What You Love hat, especially because it’s made by bigtruck. Enter to win one for free. Ships with love to the U.S., Canada, and Europe. And, if you do win, I’d love for you to send me pics of you in your new hat. Email, tweet, Instagram or FB me with images. Huge thanks and best of luck.

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  1. Great hat for out and about, in the garden or around the farm. And the brim looks wider for better sun protection. Looking forward to checking out the whole line up. Thanks Emily?

  2. I love these hats so much. I would wear it everywhere – yep, even church -because wearing a hat about growing and loving needs to happen all the time. Seriously. I love the style of these hats. They have personality galore.

    I can imagine wearing one sipping coffee checking out my gardens in all seasons!

    I am ready to tackle more veggiesnext year after my veggie hiatus this year. Bring it!

  3. I would love a HAT! My company San Diego Seed Co. has a moto “DIG THE LIFE YOU LIVE” and Grow what you love is right along those lines. I would wear mine in the garden and on my long hikes. Like when we return to Kalalau!

  4. I’m not so good with words 🙂 but the hat looks absolutely crazy cool, I would constantly wear it in my new allotment as i don’t really have a good hat and also make the rest of UK gardeners gealous(and always #it on my instagram) Thank you for the opportunity 😉

  5. I’m bad about not wearing a hat when I’m working in my garden. Winning a pretty and useful hat like one of these would definitely get me in the habit of wearing one.

  6. 1. The hats are super cute and the turquoise one has caught my eye 😉
    2. My favourite outdoor activities are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, walking, travelling and photography. I’d wear the hat mostly for hiking, walking and gardening but it’s a cute hat so maybe travelling too.
    3. I love to grow vegetables, herbs and perennials. I have a nice pollinator garden with a wide variety of perennials to attract bees and hummingbirds. It’s so fun to watch.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity! We just locked in the farm/company name “Grow Love” earlier this year for our new plot of land… so needless to say, we’d wear these hats in the garden! Our favorite things to grow are arugula, hot peppers, herbs, zucchini, sunflowers, asparagus, and a variety of tomatoes… it’s hard to choose – it’s just so much fun growing our own food, know exactly where it comes from and the work/love that has gone into each plant.

  8. Super fun hats! I can’t to check out bigtrucks and browse their brand! Excited about shipping to Canada! I live in Alberta and we love to explore the Rocky Mountains, hunt, fish, gather and grow! This year we developed a large plot of land into a 3 acre garden and my 3.5 year old daughter loves spending the summer and fall days planting, digging, picking and watering.

  9. Love these hats!
    1. These hats seem more ‘unique’ than many out there- I feel like everyone has the same hats!
    2. My family & I love camping & hiking. I would definitely wear this hat while doing those outdoor activities, as well as in my garden & out with my farm animals!
    3. I have a large organic garden where I grow everything from seed, we raise our own pork & chicken on pasture. So basically we try to grow as much as our own food as possible- we definitely grow what we love!


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