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Grow What You Love Book Trailer

Grow What You Love Book Trailer
Photo by West Cliff Creative

The Grow What You Love book trailer is just a small taste of what’s in store for readers and anyone looking for simple ways to live life a little differently and a little more fully.

I’ve discovered that “when you plant a little, dig a little, and harvest often” a remarkable, yet simple sequence of events unfolds. Time to dabble in nature is built into daily routines, plants with their many fragrances are easily brought inside and added to everyday recipes, changing them from good to amazing, and simple moments like grazing on pea shoots and strawberries becomes a cause for celebration.

“We’re wired to grow, and when we grow the things we love wonderful things happen.”

Grow What You Love is a book that leads readers through the process of how to start a garden and plant a plot, however big or small, that is jam packed with diversity, edible flowers, and the ingredients with the biggest impact on the way we cook and live.

The heart of the book is filled with The Plant Directory, because it’s the plants that drive us to wild infatuations, making hearts skip a beat and taste buds water. I ask readers to fine tune existing gardens or begin from scratch starting here, with The Plant Directory —  with the plants loved most or are reached for most often when rustling up a quick meal.

It’s also true that when we plant a little, dig a little, and harvest often the plants quickly teach us about themselves, making it easier to grow and cook with them from year to year. Soon, we discover that the plants aren’t so different from you and me. They each have their own set of likes and dislikes, quirky habits, and unique beauty.

The mix-and-match, method based recipes found in the book guide readers through the process of finding creative yet logical ways to substitute one ingredient for another. For instance, greens and herbs of any kind can be tossed into a recipe I like to call My Favorite Frittata, and simple syrups made from a myriad of fragrant, leafy edibles easily accent sweet treats and garden-to-table cocktails.

When we grow the things we love, we quickly discover we’re growing more than a garden — we’re growing a lifestyle.

Learn more about Grow What You Love here and here.

Photo by West Cliff Creative


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