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Grow What You Love and Pass It On

Grow What You Love and Pass It On



In gardening, as in life, I say, GROW WHAT YOU LOVE. Find the things that make you happy and grow them. Lots of them. If I ever hesitated with a task my mother, not usually sporting the mouth of a sailor, would say, “Sh*t or get off the pot, Emily”. Meaning, if you’re going to do something, then do it. And so too with growing.

Pass The Pistil, shortened from Shoot or Pass the Pistil, is a play on those words. Get to it, make it count and pass it on. Over the years Pass The Pistil has taken on a life of its own. Honing in on what really matters. 

First, start. Start small, but start. Next, prioritize. Focus on the things you love and grow them and, like with anything cultivated, thrive. Growing the things you love begets more of the same. All the good stuff — the tangible and obvious — seeds, flowers, food and fun. And all the things in between, the things that make living, living. Finally, share. Pass the pistil and spread the love. Growing isn’t limited to a garden.

It’s a basic recipe, but for now, it’s sticking. Like olive oil, salt and pepper it’s a good place to begin even if it makes no mention of mistakes. They’re in there, mixed in with “all the things in between”, an essential part of the adventure.

So what is this all about? I like to think the name says it all. PASS THE PISTIL. GROW WHAT YOU LOVE, lots of it and pass it on.


  1. Emily,
    What a wonderful post, Grow What You Love. One other thought I’d like to add. It might not seem obvious, but you have to “love yourself” to grow. My New Year’s resolution this year was to be – kinder to myself. I realized if I want to give the very best I can give to someone else, I have nurture the best things in me …first.


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