I ventured out last Saturday on the Ross Garden Tour and, ever since, my thoughts wander back to this particular bunny, clearly titled “garden hare” in the guide book.  It certainly possesses the proportions of a hare.  Regardless, it’s garden juju is strong.

Usually when I think of art in the garden my mind runs through the requisite gnome; St. Mary tucked neatly and blessedly into her homemade, triangular wooden frame; or my mother’s birds, plastic flamingos and copper sculpted quail.  Good juju, bad juju, spiritual or whimsical.  This hare creates new spin, reshaping ideas of art in the garden.

It certainly received mixed reviews.  I heard joy and laughter, including my own, as well as emphatic and overwhelming dislike.  “Too bold… too dark,” some said.  Like a well made film (weather you liked it or not), it sticks with you.  Causing one to wonder about the characters involved, the story they tell and the reasons for the story to unfold as it did.


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