The thought of weeding conjures up all sorts of reactions from people. There are weeding haters, weeding lovers and an entire range of folks somewhere in between – in the toleration zone. And the basic fact, no matter how you feel about it, if you keep a garden there is weeding to be done.

5 Reasons to Weed:

1. Weeds are messy. And messy is never relaxing.

2. Weeds can be a home to pests such as slugs, snails or other diseases that would be perfectly happy to take advantage Weed Madnessof any and all nearby plantings.

3. Weeds compete for resources. Water, nutrients and light being top on the list.

4. Some weeds are alleopathic, exuding chemicals that slow the growth of the plants around them.

5. If ignored, weeds will take over your garden. Plain and simple.

5 Reasons to tolerate Weeds:

1. Weeds can be important to pollinators. You might be ready to attack the dandelions in your lawn but those Noxious Weeds in the Veggie Beds!same flowers may also be some of the first flowers a hungry bee has seen in months.

2. Weeds can be pulled before seeding to make compost, dug in to make green maure or left, pulled and dropped on the soil, as mulch.

3. Some weeds are edible or medicinal. Try dandelion greens in your salad, or better yet, dandelion wine, red clover tea or, one of my favorites, chickweed pesto.

4. Weeds can be left as living mulch, keeping soil temperatures cool, trapping moisture and protecting soil.

5. Ha, I can’t think of a 5th. But maybe the first four will help you prioritize or reduce your weeding boycot guilt.



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