The crazy, inexplicable tug of fall is here.  I love it.  In fact, I’m in a quandary.  For all my love of spring and my need for green, I must say, I couldn’t do it without fall (and winter for that matter).  It would be cheating wouldn’t it?  Having only spring and summer weather all the time?  You might disagree if you live in a warm climate like that of Florida or Southern California but I forgive you.

I spent the weekend buttoning up the garden for winter.  The hollyhocks are cut back along with the other herbaceous perennials, a few volunteer starts moved to optimize spacing and a few starts added to fill in where the critters had their way.  My loyal Salvia nemorosa is divided, mulch spread and an organic slow release fertilizer applied.  To top it off, the wood is stacked and the yard tidied in the anticipation of the coming snow.  We’re ready.

There’s something so completely satisfying about this work.  I know I will feel peaceful, at least until March.


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