Photo by Claire Takacs (NY Garden Walk)

My latest issue of Garden Design Magazine arrived in the mail and I have to say they’ve done it again — it’s yet another issue filled with all sorts of juicy garden goodness. Discover the beauty of ornamental onions, seeds worth saving, the vitality of native trees, an irrigation-free dream garden, and more.

To enjoy the full issue, subscribe here. What’s exciting is Pass The Pistil readers get their first issue free.

The dream garden (above) is the work of a woman longing to express her passion “for color, patterns, and flowers in the garden.”

“‘The view up the path toward our house is the best view in the garden,’ says homeowner Barbara Rohdie. Designer Dean Riddle used clipped boxwood, panicle hydrangeas, and Tiger Eyes sumac, interspersed with masses of ‘Rubinstern’ coneflower, short-toothed mountain mint, and other robust perennials, to create a multilevel tapestry of flowers and greens. “

Photo by John Scheepers (crocus mix)

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, fall is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs, and Garden Design Magazine has curated their own list of varieties to try.

This Dutch Large Flowering Mixture (above) is available from John Scheepers’ Beauty from Bulbscollection, and includes six varieties of crocus with grasslike, silvery white-striped foliage. 

6 Bulbs to Plant Now for Spring

Photo by Clive Nichols

While it’s impossible not to love ALL spring flowering bulbs, Alliums are a unique bunch. Their blooms have a habit of rising above the crowd and showing off a bit (but in a good sort of way), and they’re just at home in a veggie garden as a companion plant as they are in a perennial border.

Allium ‘Globemaster’ (featured above) is a personal favorite. Garden Design Magazine describes it as bringing “drama to formal and informal borders alike.” 

If you don’t get Garden Design yet, the Autumn 2017 issue is a great one to start off with. Friends of Pass The Pistil get their first issue free when they subscribe! Go online to or call (855) 624-5110 Monday – Friday, 8 – 5 PST and mention this offer. 

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