Fall Flowers In The Kitchen Garden

Photo by Emily Murphy
Photo by Emily Murphy

Tomatoes, peppers, and squash are what typically come to mind when considering the kitchen garden in fall. But in this particular community garden, it’s the flowers that demand attention.

This particular garden is located just north of San Francisco and only a few miles inland from the coast.

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Photo by Emily Murphy
Photo by Emily Murphy

I took these images in the evening, not long before sunset when the fog was rolling in from the coast. The light was gentle but yet bright enough to give the flowers shape and character.

Photo by Emily Murphy

I love the unexpected combinations of other gardeners and the opportunity to capture their flavor and seasonality.

Photo by Emily Murphy

Some flowers are more dramatic than others, like this dahlia.

Fortunately, there was just enough light I could shoot handheld using a medium depth of field, ensuring I maintained detail and sharpness where needed.

Photo by Emily Murphy

Taking time to be in the landscape is key for finding views that might otherwise be missed.

This sunflower(in the background above) is more of a sunflower tree than a true flower. Its stalk is sturdy and its loaded with subbranches, all of which are packed with flowers. It’s a favorite of birds, bees, and butterflies – and me. 😉

Photo by Emily Murphy

Double cosmos are all a popular variety and they’re especially beautiful when paired with Queen Anne’s Lace.

I find I spend quite a bit of time photographing the garden and all that I find within it. Many images don’t make the publishing cut, but the process of capturing images helps me see things I might have otherwise missed.

In fact, I’ve found that the photography process has taught me to see in much the same way as growing things. It lends itself to a fresh perspective, a conscious change of vantage point, and looking with eyes that are otherwise attuned to managing day-to-day living. In this sense, it’s more of a meditation or affirmation of life than simply taking a collection of photos.

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Photo by Emily Murphy


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