Pollinator Allure: Bumblebees & Native Plant Pollination

  A bumblebee forages on Squaw Carpet, Ceanothus prostratus. Squaw Carpet, also known as Mahala Mat, is one of the first native plants to flower...

Double Trouble

This was insane. Giant, keg sized bottles of Roundup in my local store. Double the trouble for one low price! At least on the...

You Are What You Eat

Methyl bromide has been the fumigant of choice for conventional, US strawberry growers.  Plastic row covers are installed and methyl bromide gas injected, sterilizing...
I’ve learned there’s something wonderfully powerful in the simple act of growing. Here, in our gardens, we can repair ourselves and our plots of earth with our own two hands. GROW WHAT YOU LOVE and GROW NOW!

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