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What happens when you combine an MBA in finance and a deep love of nature? I recently had the opportunity to talk with Steven Devloo, founder and CEO of Earthworm Technologies, and a picture quickly formed. It’s the reduce-reuse-recycle circle with a few extra players added to the mix. Think worms, gardens and people.

Steven was looking for an eco-friendly solution to food waste and methods for growing better, organic gardens. What he found was truth in numbers. Studies showed that 97% of food waste ends up in the dump.

The problem was the answer. Steven started a food waste collection program along with a worm farm and began experimenting with worm castings in fertilizing systems. Recycling was the beginning and the next step was to create a product line to bring those same food scraps back to the garden, growing food and flowers.

What I Found

Bloom Pucks come in a neat, reusable package in which you’ll find small, candy shaped disks. Each disk is labeled with a letter so you know which is which.

There’s a seed inside each puck and the puck itself is a blend of worm castings and other fertilizers designed to give your sprouts a head start. You can see I’m growing the herb blend, starting with parsley.

It’s true, seeds have everything they need inside of them to germinate, but keeping your seedlings alive once they’ve sprouted can be tricky. This is where Bloom Pucks come in handy.

I found that it took longer for my seeds to germinate than they otherwise would have if I had simply planted from seed. I also had to keep the puck and surrounding soil well watered, but once the puck itself started to crumble, out popped a seedling. In fact, I had 100% germination rates.

You can see the seedlings have grown into healthy plants and you may also note I’ve been harvesting fairly regularly.

To learn more about Bloom Pucks and Earthworm Technologies click here.

*Note: Steven Devloo is a friend via social media and this post is a product of both curiosity and admiration. Congratulations Steven for developing a company and product line that benefits everyone. Cheers to you!

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